Optimas leverages ongoing analysis – including on-site observations, research audits and regular performance reviews – to identify emerging opportunities and increase efficiency. The result is a stronger, faster supply chain that can grow with your company and your industry.


  • Forecasting demand
    Analyze historical usage and industry trend data to improve forecast accuracy
  • Consultation and assessment 
    Holistic review of your company's entire operation to uncover pain points and areas of opportunity
  • Excess and obsolete mitigations
    Utilize our global parts database to minimize excess and obsolete inventory liability.
  • Quarterly business reviews 
    Scheduled reviews of volumes, delivery, quality, cost savings, and productivity metrics to ensure we exceed your expectations.
  • Compliance and import/export expertise
    Guaranteed compliance with government regulations upon request.
  • Speed to market
    Increase your prototype and launch times using our specialized vendors or drive cost savings using qualified LCC suppliers for long term programs and projects.


  • Inventory replenishment
    Our inventory management system allows global visibility to inventory and demand requirements.
  • Pricing stability 
    Our purchasing group monitors global prices to select and maintain the best possible prices.
  • Vendor consolidation
    Our Global Partner suppliers work with us to identify common parts to reduce the total number of suppliers and reduced supply chain risk.
  • Vendor managed inventory (VMI)
    We will design a VMI program to meet your specific goals and requirements. 
  • Manufacturing of cold-formed, male-threaded fasteners & engineered components: Production capacity and global reach to ensure the protection of supply chain pipelines. Simply put, if we can’t get what we need from a supplier, we can manufacture it ourselves on either side of the Atlantic.


  • Full service provider (FSP)
    Complete logistics, engineering, and quality services throughout the value chain from planning phase, product development to final delivery to the customer. 
  • Direct line feed (DLF)
    Supply and delivery of parts to the point of use or to a supermarket area. We find that the closer to the point of use we can support our customers, the greater the service, quality, and partnership.
  • Dock-to-dock
    Shipments from our warehouses to your facility based on forecasted or purchase order requirements.
  • Custom packaging, labeling, kitting and pre-assembly
    Eliminate steps from your production cycle to increase output.


  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
    We have the capability to use multiple forms of information and data sharing.
  • Partner portals
    We can create a dedicated web portal to facility information and project sharing.
  • System integration
    We can link our inventory, quality, or invoicing systems to yours in order to achieve greater transparency and collaboration.
  • Custom reporting
    We can create custom usage reports down to a micro level to ensure you know what is being used in your facilities.
  • Consolidated invoicing
    We can provide daily, weekly, or monthly invoices to meet your requests.
  • Continuous improvement
    Our continuous improvement engineers can work on special projects that can increase the partnership and program performance.

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Learn how ongoing analysis, expert-driven assessments and iterative improvements lead to a more efficient supply chain.