We heavily rely on Optimas’ cold-form manufacturing expertise, production capacity and global reach. These help us to keep pace with fluctuating demand, protect supply chain pipelines and harness the financial and performance benefits afforded by solutions custom-engineered to our needs.
Director at an Automotive OEM

Sometimes the best solution doesn’t exist yet. OEM manufacturers may require bespoke parts and components to fulfil production line needs. Utilizing Optimas’ manufacturing capabilities, customers from any industry can benefit from high-quality, customized fastening solutions that match with their business needs and goals.

Optimas’ state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the US and UK offer a wide range of services, from prototype testing to the full-scale production of highly engineered component lines for new or existing product programs. These services help us and our suppliers to react quickly to unexpected demand from customers, ensuring a responsive supply chain.

Wood Dale, North America

Optimas’ manufacturing facility in Wood Dale, IL, U.S., has been producing fasteners for over 30 years. There, 100 experts operating 42 cold forming machines and 80 second operation machines supply more than 1 billion components worldwide each year.

The facility is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001,  IATF16949 certified and OSHA 18001 compliant. In addition, the Wood Dale site is also equipped with ISO 17025 compliant testing laboratories.  

Birmingham, UK 

Barton Coldform, an Optimas Company, located in Droitwich Spa, UK, has been cold forging manufacturing critical components for over 86 years. The company was acquired by Optimas in 2015.

The UK based manufacturing facility contains 32 heading machines and 43 secondary operation machines. Thanks to ongoing investment, the range of equipment continuously expands. From here, 25 million parts are shipped monthly to 21 countries worldwide.

Barton is IATF16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.


Optimas’ two manufacturing plants are specialized in cold forging manufacturing techniques. Cold forging deforms metal below its recrystallization point using high pressures at room temperature. As no heating is required and the end product requires little to no finishing work, this process is usually less expensive than hot forging. In addition, cold forging manufacturing processes are highly reproducible, contributing to quality control. With this technology, Optimas can produce in bulk, high quality, precise fasteners with practically zero material waste. 


This capability allows us to form partnerships with well-known brands to manufacture their products under license including Taptite®, High Torque®, Mortorq®, Mathread® and more.

Optimas’ Birmingham manufacturing facility also offers worldwide express service to provide small volume components on greatly reduced lead times to alleviate supply pressure on manufacturers and allow customers to speed up the initial component sampling process or the introduction of new low volume components.


Optimas offers its customers a wide range of expertise regarding the design and manufacture of customized fasteners:

  • Prototype development, analysis and testing
  • 3D printing of components
  • Product range from 2mm pins to 32mm female forgings
  • Hundreds of possible combinations of part types, such as unthreaded (rivets), threads (screws), bolts and thread forming fasteners
  • Dedicated manufacturing and quality centers with torque/tension testing capabilities
  • Industry leading fastener design, modelling and manufacturing capabilities
  • In-house sorting capabilities using a wide range of sorting machines
  • Supply chain assurance
  • Product licensing partnerships
  • Proprietary technology

We offer a proactive approach, enabled by our team of qualified application, manufacturing and quality engineers, have a total of over 1,000 years’ experience in the fastener manufacturing sector. Our customers benefit from significant cost saving thanks to the custom parts we manufactured.

100+ Experts

Optimas has over a hundred technical experts dedicated to manufacture high-quality components for our customers.

2 Worldwide Manufacturing Plants

State-of-the-art manufacturing centers ensure the production of components distributed globally.

900M Parts Manufactured

Number of components manufactured for OEM and Tier manufacturers in 2017.

60 Years

Combined average Optimas heritage in the fastener industry.

1,000+ Years

Sum of industry knowledge of manufacturing specialists working at Optimas.

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