The manufacture of semiconductors is one of the most advanced industrial processes on the planet, with extreme precision and cleanliness required to produce reliable microchips. Advanced material engineering and precision processes on a miniscule scale are the industry standard, with manufacturers required to push the envelope of what processors and micro-chips can achieve.

An increasing number of transistors are fitted to semiconductor circuits every year, with industry advancement pushing this increase. To ensure that transistors are not compromised, semiconductors are manufactured in clean environments, where dust particles are minimized as much as possible. Regarding fasteners, manufacturers in this sector require a highly knowledgeable partner who can provide specialist materials, sensitivity towards manufacturing procedures and on time delivery.

Helping to conduct chip manufacturing

Optimas provides the breadth of capability required to operate as a semiconductor fastener supply partner. The business regularly provides fasteners, c-class components, electrical screws, precision screws and speed rivets to semiconductor, artificial intelligence and chip manufacturers around the world. Furthermore, Optimas’ in-house materials engineering capability and wide component portfolio means that highly specialized fasteners can be specified with cost savings – providing manufacturers with increased choice and profitability.

Our teams of experts can integrate with cleanroom manufacturing processes, utilizing specialist training to ensure that no dust can contaminate the production line. In addition, we can implement custom delivery frameworks and innovative packaging, further increasing the security of your production process. Our proven track record means we can keep pace with the technological advancements taking place within your business.

Semiconductor Industry Engagement Highlights

  • We have an in-depth understanding of the fluctuating life cycles inherent to the semiconductor market.
  • We offer highly specialized plating and materials engineering capabilities.
  • We develop unique solutions packages, customized to meet and service individual business needs and goals.
  • We take a proactive, integrated approach to partnership.
  • We have the flexibility to scale operations, allowing us to tackle unforeseen challenges that you may face in the future.
  • We can perfectly integrate with stringent manufacturing processes and delivery procedures conducted in cleanrooms.

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