By consolidating two separate part numbers into one standard component, Optimas was able to generate a 71% decrease in cost per item, delivering a $200,000 saving in materials procurement. The new consolidated component also reduced installation times, providing a compound labour saving and enhancing our operational efficiency.
A Leading Truck Manufacturer

The heavy truck and bus industry must balance durability with efficiency, as attaining new emissions standards places increased emphasis on improving environmental credentials while boosting payload. Coupled with the pressures of protecting an often narrow profit margins, OEM manufacturers in the sector require a versatile fastener partner to keep pace with the changing requirements within the industry.

The sector is defined by high volume production, with lean manufacturing principles such as Just In Time (JIT) supply protocol defining an efficient operation. Heavy-duty trucks and commercial vehicles represent the lifeblood of many economies, which is why durable, lightweight and economical fasteners are ideal for these manufacturers.

Navigating a shifting landscape

Optimas supplies components to OEM heavy-duty and commercial vehicle manufacturers globally, servicing over 140 individual customer facilities. With 30 years’ experience in the industry, Optimas has the expertise to effectively support every stage of the production lifecycle. This extends to actively engaging in prototype chassis development, selecting innovative fasteners to expedite production schedules or delivering components to line through fully integrated Vendor Managed Inventory systems (VMI) utilizing JIT principles.

We work closely with our manufacturing partners to select highly optimized fasteners, which are available through our extensive global component portfolio. This means innovative fastener solutions can be specified to reduce weight, decrease cost, improve strength and enhance speed of supply simultaneously. This provides our heavy-duty truck partners with ultimate choice in how they tackle developments in design or industry standards, while protecting the robust performance that defines their products.

Optimas is an active member of the industry, holding memberships with the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), Niche Vehicle Network and The Spanish Auto Association (SERNAUTO).

Industry Engagement Highlights:

  • Our team has accrued over 3 decades of commercial vehicle industry experience, allowing us to design tailored solutions that address industry-specific challenges and goals.
  • We believe in an integrated approach to partnership, often embedding our team alongside our customers’ production and engineering teams. This allows us to more deeply understand your needs, so we can be proactive rather than reactive, taking a more strategic and focused approach to engineering, manufacturing and supply chain management services.
  • An in-depth understanding of fluctuating market cycles inherent to the commercial and heavy-duty vehicle market allows us to proactively navigate supply challenges facing our customers.
  • We have the flexibility to scale operations to tackle any challenge that your business may face today or in the future.

Optimas has hundreds of market experts dedicated to serving the heavy truck and bus market.


Optimas provides over 959 million fasteners to the heavy truck and bus market.


Optimas delivers to 143 locations serving the heavy truck and bus market.


Optimas serves the heavy truck and bus markets in 21 countries.

Years of service

Optimas has provided the heavy truck and bus market with 32 years of service.

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