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OPTIMAS IS A LEADING GLOBAL OE PARTNER – focused on providing integrated supply chain solutions and engineering support. We deliver highly engineered fasteners to world-class customers around the world.

We know fasteners are a fundamental component of our partners’ success. But we also realize that they’re part of a much bigger picture.

Our global team of nearly 2,000 individuals understands the complexities of our customers’ industries, and clears a path that allows them to achieve their goals. They rely on us to consistently take care of the fundamental things needed to not only get by, but to excel, wherever they may be around the globe.


WE ARE OE SOLUTIONS EXPERTS. We’ve built our company on decades of industry experience, the strength of an established yet nimble global culture, and deep commitment to solutions in service of our partners’ goals.



We serve over two thousand customers around the world

We supply over 8.6 billion components from 100,000 SKUs to our customers annually

High-performing businesses with complex supply chains look to us to help them navigate the uncertainties and risk associated with the OE industry. Leveraging our expertise in engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain solutions, we simplify processes, provide stability, and lay the groundwork for their success.

Many companies promise efficiency, but our desire to continuously optimize allows us to identify opportunities and craft solutions that help our partners excel beyond the assembly line. We adapt as our customers and partners evolve, no matter where they find themselves around the globe.

Previously OEM Supply - Fasteners (a division of Anixter, Inc.), we became Optimas OE Solutions LLC on June 1, 2015 under acquisition to American Industrial Partners (an operating and engineering-focused investment firm with over 25 years of industry experience). This long-term strategic partnership allows us to accelerate our plans for global growth and better focus on the industry we know best – truly defining what an OE Solutions Partner should be in order to better serve our customers and supply partners.



Nearly 2,000 Optimas team members at over 70 locations around the world are dedicated to helping our partners achieve their goals

­We grow with our partners, no matter where the journey takes them.

Headquartered in Glenview, Illinois, our reach extends throughout the Americas, Continental Europe, the UK and Asia. Local, on-the-ground teams ensure that we understand the nuances of every community where we have a presence.

We adapt with our partners, addressing their unique needs as they evolve. Our footprint allows us to remain at their side no matter where they find themselves around the globe.

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We strive to foster a consistent experience for our customers, supply partners and team members. Our unified global culture means our customers can count on a consistently high level of service at every turn.


WE SIMPLIFY THE COMPLEX and take care of the details associated with OEM supply chains. We provide highly engineered fasteners and c-class components to customers around the world in the commercial vehicle, luxury automotive, power generation, agricultural equipment and general industrial markets.



Our 74 distribution centers around the world ensure timely product delivery, giving our customers peace of mind

Our internal manufacturing capability produces $38 million worth of engineered components annually

Our global logistics team ensures that our customers receive the right components on time, every time. We manage hundreds of SKUs, suppliers, and transactions every hour of every day around the world.


Our team provides the solutions our customers need to excel, not the just components required to get by. A point of view rooted in engineering informs every interaction.


From prototype testing to full-scale production, our ISO and TS certified fastener manufacturing facility in Wood Dale, Illinois gives us the flexibility to engineer and produce solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of our customers that can’t be found elsewhere.


We believe in continuous improvement and optimization along the assembly line. Our team makes sure that our customers constantly adapt, allowing them to remain at the cutting edge.



Nine state-of-the-art ISO certified quality control labs around the world ensure the highest standards of excellence are maintained with every component we deliver


Critical components – from fasteners to nuts, rivets, pins, rings, washers and seals – for highly engineered products that demand performance and reliability.


Components and hardware – including hoses, clamps, rivets and springs – for use in the assembly of general manufactured goods.


Custom-engineered component solutions built to suit the complex challenges inherent to specialized design and manufacturing applications.



Our Component Solutions Catalog features over 14,000 parts spread across 15 product categories


We've completed 350 tunnel projects over the last 25 years


Our components division specializes in the supply of c-class components, sub-assembly and kitting services. We help customers minimize cost, improve productivity, increase efficiency, and mitigate risk through scaleable and repeatable solutions.

Products are available for immediate purchase through our digital catalog.

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We bring over 20 years of hands-on experience to the highly specialized and performance-critical global tunneling industry.

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­We specialize in something far more valuable than quality components: we specialize in providing our partners with the opportunity to excel.

Our Promise

To Our Customers

We don’t want our customers to simply get by, we want to give them the opportunity to achieve their vision. We navigate the complexities and risks associated with their supply chains, creating the stability they require to focus on the bigger picture. As trusted advisors, we stick by their side as they evolve and realize their goals, providing superior support and guidance every step of the way.

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To Our Suppliers

We work with suppliers who not only know their product, but share our passion of helping customers transform and optimize their businesses. As our customers succeed, so do our suppliers. By partnering with us, suppliers create opportunities for their own companies through unprecedented global reach and strategic vision.

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Our Foundation

  1. Mastering
    the Complex

    ­We see the big picture and understand the role small parts play in it. From the complexity of global distribution to engineering in service of optimization to on-time delivery, we master the challenging details that keep OEMs on the cutting-edge.

  2. True

    ­Our partnerships go far beyond transactions, they forge lasting relationships. We see a reflection of ourselves—our values, our goals and our motivations—in all of our customers and suppliers. Together, we can accomplish what couldn’t be done alone.


    ­Honesty and experience is what gives our partners the ability to excel. It’s what our partners need to do their jobs and grow their businesses. We believe in honesty not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because it leads to better ways of getting things done.

  4. A Hands-on

    ­We aren’t afraid of a complex challenge. In fact, we enjoy them. When the bar is set high, we get to do what we do best: go beyond convention. We’ll get our hands dirty and we’ll get in the trenches with our partners to get the job done.

  5. Our

    ­The best ideas come from the floor, not necessarily the board room. We empower every team member to openly and constructively question the processes and challenge the standards around them in service of continuous improvement. The only limitations we have are the ones we impose on ourselves.


Ian Clarke
CEO, Optimas OE Solutions